Good news | FOTILE Sink Dishwasher won the Best Of KBIS Impact Award at KBIS Show

Las Vegas, NV - FOTILE Sink Dishwasher has been named Best of KBIS Impact Award at Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) on Feb 20 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The award-winning dishwasher is a three-function-in-one kitchen appliance that is perfect for petite urban apartments and compact European style kitchens.

Successfully held this week in Las Vegas, the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is North America’s largest and most prestigious trade show for kitchen and bath design. With the most innovative new products from over 600 exhibitors, the Best of KBIS list honors the best new products based on innovation, design, and function.

FOTILE sink dishwasher is an integration of dishwasher, sink, as well as fruit and vegetable cleaning appliance. Engineered to maximize functionality without any sorts of waste, the dishwasher uses 1.6 gallons of water to clean and dry dishes for two to six people in 30 minutes. The fruit and vegetable cleaning appliance, powered by patented high-frequency ultrasound and turbulence technology, removes dirt and over 90% pesticide residues.

“This is our second time here at KBIS and for sure we’ll be a frequent exhibitor in the future. It is such a great opportunity for all industry practitioners to network, to showcase their latest innovations, and to grow businesses,” said Yi Jiang, Vice President of FOTILE Group & GM at FOTILE Overseas Department. “In FOTILE, Love has always been the only reason for every step ahead. We provide our customers the most healthy and comfortable cooking experience. We are very glad that our sink dishwasher won the impact award. It is an acknowledgement of our dedication, our innovation, our technology and our design.”

HoodPlus, More Than a Hood: 

With the theme of “HoodPlus, more than a hood”, FOTILE launched “no more smoking in the kitchen” action, hoping to bring people’s attention on kitchen smoke.

If there are two types of range hoods in the world, one is called a range hood, and the other is called FOTILE. FOTILE not just produces a common hood, but a healthy range hood that can bring health to people.

FOTILE range hoods with multiple smoke purification systems have a grease separation rate up to 92% that greatly reduces the greasy stove phenomenon and burden of cleaning and scrubbing your kitchen. The range hoods reduce the smell of odors by more than 95%. *What is even more reassuring is that a good range hood prevents the exposure of your body to smoke that may cause health problems in the skin, respiratory tract and lungs.

More importantly, a good range hood avoids the exposure of the fumes to the skin or into the body, which can cause health problems.

*Automatically detected gases: formaldehyde, ammonia, carbon monoxide, benzene, cigarette smoke, alcohol, hydrogen, smoky odor, fumes.

Start range: The hood starts P1 when the concentration of polluting gases reaches 1.5-3.0ppm; the hood starts P2 when the concentration reaches ≥3.0ppm.

HoodPlus JQG7501

The HoodPlus FOTILE V series released this time, including 30 and 36-inches two sizes, black and silver gray two colors, touch and button two operation methods.

In design, FOTILE inherits the O-touch design that was jointly created with IEDO and won the iF design award in Germany. On the touch, you can see the stylish, simple orange aperture. The creative side suction sinking design is closer to the cookware so that can easily exhaust cooking fumes. The smoke inlet is designed to absorb the soot at the most suitable time and position at the right height. The unique smoke screen design not only prevents the spread of soot, but also prevents the fumes from contacting the facial skin, and increases the area covered by the hood by 150% (1). The smoke inlet is from left to right, close to the smoke inlet of the width of the fuselage, and the suction is evenly covered. Don't worry if you stir up. The minimum noise is only 1 sone(3). The grease separation is 92%, the kitchen is no longer greasy; the odor reduction is 98% (2)Even when you fry peppers, there’s no odor at all!

Note: (1)(2): Data from FOTILE Laboratory

           (3) Data from the US HVI Lab  

HoodPlus EMG9030 

The EMG9030 is FOTILE’s first "unmanned" intelligent range hood.

Its three qualities are on the unparalleled strength of the market.

1. Built-in smoke sensitive sensor can automatically identify the soot concentration;

2. After identification, firmly control the soot non-diffusion by lifting the butterfly wing suction plate at a suitable position;

3. According to the current soot concentration and environmental resistance, the super-speed shift matches the appropriate speed suction.

In other words, you only need to press the Auto button and you can concentrate on cooking, and leave other things to range hood EMG9030.


In China, FOTILE is known for its high-end range hoods and has been working to improve the kitchen environment of every home for more than 20 years.

The choice of appliance for over 17 million families around the world

As a key industry representative, helped revise the International standards for range hoods

The owner of over 1800 patents, leading in the Chinese kitchen appliance industry

The winner of over 40 international design awards

*On behalf of Chinese kitchen appliance suppliers, FOTILE helped revise the international standard of IEC 60335-2-31:2012 Standard-Household and Similar Electrical Appliances - Safety – Part 2-31: Particular Requirements for Range Hoods and Other Cooking Fume Extractors.