EMS6008-C丨 24"

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Motion Activation

Using an infrared sensor you can simply operate this range hood with a wave of your hand. This allows you to turn the range hood ON or OFF without touching the unit.

WhisPower System

Bionic Impeller features aerodynamic technologies to cut down on friction and noise, assuring extremely powerful and quiet operation.

Air Clean Tech with DC Motor

With surging power, heavy fumes are nothing to fear. Rotation speed up to 100,000 rev/ hr, which is 1.8 times faster than the AC motor, and takes less than 40s to refresh air.
 High rotation brings more centrifugal force which discharges the grease on the impeller and motor.

All-in System

Wing-like Surround Suction Plate—Innovation Starts with the Plate

Utilizing familiar fume motion principles, FOTILE broke away from traditional composition and designed a unique, patented Wing-like Surround Suction Plate.

24in Size-Design for Compact Spaces

This simple T-Shaped hood is perfect for making a statement in small spaces. Its ultra-thin design is suitable for wall-mount installation while retaining a harmonious aesthetic.

Patented 3.0 Captur-Shield Plate

Air speed and power are increased as we capture smoke and grease in the Golden Collection zone and pass it through our centrifugal WhisPower motors, to separate the smoke from the grease. The result is 95% oil filtration and 98% odor reduction. Pixie Air Range Hood Series leaves your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.


This sleek, ultra-slim line range hood not only blends seamlessly into your kitchen due to its low profile, but the classic stainless steel and modern tempered glass design, will match your other appliances in your kitchen as well.

More Features

The angled capture-shield plate design features the M-Shape fume collection compartment and Canyon styled intake system, creating the coanda effect that accelerates fume intake evenly and effectively.

Specialized, rounded corner edges act as a safety guard without constantly having to worry about bumping your head on the range hood when cooking.

Multifaceted easy-clean design makes both routine and deep cleaning effortless. The Wing-like suction plate and grease cup are a single unit. It is detachable and dishwasher safe, reducing the number of parts to clean.

Screen Lock Function allows you to clean your Range Hood without accidentally turning it on.

Utilizing a nautilus-inspired logarithmic spiral design, fumes are forced into a spiral shape for radial extraction. Lower resistance reduces noise.

Delay Shutoff Function lets the Range Hood work for several minutes after cooking to ensure all the smoke and odor are removed from your kitchen.


Certification:ETL / CSA
Product Dimensions (W x D x H):23 7/16" x 20 9/16" x 19 15/16"~ 35 11/16"
Power Supply:120V/60HZ
Max Static Pressure(Pa):880Pa
Speed Setting:3+Turbo

* FOTILE equivalent CFM is a higher CFM tating due to our filterless technology that combines WhisPower Motors and Capture-Shield Design. By utilizing this technology, FOTILE applies the Coanda Effect by accelerating smoke extraction and grease separation, and incressing our Capture Efficiency. This enables FOTILE to cover a larger cooktop surface (7.2 Sq Ft) and achieve a 92% oil filtration rate, and ~ 98% odor elimination rate, keeping your kitchen smoke free anbd smelling fresh.







Warranty Document






FOTILE WARRANTY POLICY For range hood purchases

Fotile is offering five years limited warranty on range hood products. Life time limited warranty on motorsFrom your purchase date, TWO (2) YEARS FULL WARRANTY ON ALL FOTILE RANGE HOOD PRODUCTS AND PARTS AND THREE (3) YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS OF FOTILE RANGE HOOD PRODUCTS*


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