Starting from Love

We never forget our original intention: everything we do is for you!

Caring is at the heart of everything we do. Every product is built out of love.

For the past 20 years, FOTILE has worked to improve every family's kitchen enviroment and remove the danger of cooking fumes. Through consistant innovation and R&D, we inject new technology and luxury aesthetics into the core of every product. FOTILE continues to be a world leader in the development of kitchen electronics.

Two decades passed like a single day, we use love to refresh the cooking experience and create happy kitchens for the world.

For Love We Do

Innovation that will change your life

The introduction of the first FOTILE range hood in 1996 redefined Chinese kitchens. With the introduction of FOTILE V and FOTILE W, nearly twenty years have passed. Within these twenty years, FOTILE conducted rigorous research into user experience and the kitchen environment. Our commitment to innovation is evident in each and every product.

For Love We Do

Breakthrough technology that improves your experience

FOTILE maintains a total of 86,000 square feet of the world's largest, most advanced kitchen appliance labratories, as well as China's first enterprise technology center and innovation institute. As of December 2015, FOTILE holds more than 600 national patents and more than 100 invention patents, firmly establishing the company as the industry leader.

For Love We Do

The more beautiful your kitchen, the more beautiful your mood

As an international leader in kitchen electronics, FOTILE employs top-tier R&D talent from around the world, including a leading design team. FOTILE has received 18 top international design awards, including 9 Red Dot Design awards and 9 German iF awards. FOTILE represents the perfect combination of technology and art.

For Love We Do

Setting industry benchmarks for quality

At FOTILE, our eyes are set on the future of the world. It's our goal to promote the development of the kitchen electronics industry around the world. As the sole representative of the Chinese kitchen electronics industry to join the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), FOTILE is involved in the revision of international standards. We are committed to including Chinese technical knowledge in our contributions to core technology of the industry.