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  • #Xiao#:

    Three of my friends and one of my neighbors were using FOTILE #7501, all of them recommended it, so I finally pulled the trigger on this new product #7505, which has more power levels (4 vs 3), higher CFM (600 vs 510 according to other website, not sure the accuracy), and fancy waving feature. After using it for two weeks with light cooking, here is my impression.


    1. Prompt customer services. Ordered on Nov 24, delivered on Dec 6 (should be earlier, not sure why UPS kept it at the facility near my house for two days), contacted customer services right after delivery, installed on Dec 7.

    2. Professional and quick installation. The contractor got it done within an hour: removed the old over-the-range microwave, installed some panels on the wall, cut the cabinet to fit the vent pipe, carried and installed the 70+ lbs range hood by himself, replaced and taped a portion of the vent pipe.

    3. Good suction power: The old over-the-range microwave (installed by previous home owner) was useless when cooking peppers, onions, chives, etc., and I had to close all the doors upstairs and opened the window wide, but it was still smelly hours after cooking. After installing this range hood, I particularly tried peppers with more corn oils, ingredients, and higher gas power. I could see the smoke and water vapor being sucked into the range, and no smell upstairs after cooking.

  • #Wang#:

    I have used this hood for 3 weeks. I am pretty happy with it so far.


    - Very good looking. The cover glass looks like a real mirror.

    - Suction power is super. It has four suction levels. I used the level 2 and level 3 often. These levels are powerful enough. The level 4 is super powerful but noisy, so I used it occasionally. Compared with my old GE hood, this one is much much more powerful.

    - Some fancy functions. I don't care about these functions much, but they are a real plus. The no touch ON/OFF function and the delay off function are used every day.

    - Noise level is not bad. When I used the level 2 and level 3, the noise level was acceptable. But this hood is not a real quiet one. Again, compared with my old GE hood, this one is quieter, but not a super quiet one.

  • #Jane#:

    Just got this advanced range hood installed today. When the technician was uninstalling the previous GE one, we was surprised to see that the duct pipe was still very clean, which means that range hood did no functionality at all during the past two years. It was just a decoration. How could I believe that.

    The installation is pretty straightforward. And after installation, I started to stew some beef. Usually, the whole house is full of the smell. Now the magic thing is that I almost cannot smell any in my bedroom although I left the door open. Now I could smell the food flavor and smoke out of my house significantly, but not much inside. Fotile range hood really works well as it discharges most oil smoke through the duct pipe. So I really like it.

  • # Liu#:

    Choosing the right range hood wasn't easy for us. We cook, we fry, we stew. Our kitchen opens to all rooms. At first, we had a microwave combined with a vent. That doesn't come with much power but very noise. My home office shares a wall with the kitchen, when the fan is on, my entire office is shaking. With that kind of noise, the smell of cook still gets everywhere -- all rooms in the first and second floors. We hated it so much but don't know which new range hood we should purchase.

    I was a little hesitated in buying Fotile. It's a big brand in China but not much market share in the States. My wife pulled the trigger. We got an installer recommended by Fotile to come in and install the range hood. Now using it for more than half a year, I would say it can't be any better.

    With the bright LED light under the range hood on, we can see that all molecules are rushing to the hood. No smell would sneak out into our rooms. It's also very quiet. At the highest speed, I am not bothered at all in the office next to the kitchen. I think it would be pretty hard to find another range hood so good. If you are in a situation as we did, I would say just pull the trigger and buy it.

  • #Hoang#:

    I have the range hood for 6 months now and it works very good. After had couple different ranges hood in my house not thing seen work. I look in all the reviews of all different ranges hood. And find this one and see the video so I bought it. Oh boy I love it and very one in my family love it too. It is look futuristic and works very good for our family. See the video I posted and you know. LOL barbecue in the winter!

  • #Amazon Customer#:

    Amazing!!! It did cost you a good amount of money but I’ll say all worth it! We fried a steak to test, high heat, heavy smoke, but all smoke are sucked away instantly. Second floor, you cannot smell anything, first floor near stove you will notice smell but NO SMOKE AT ALL. Definitely a go for families love cooking!

  • #Rouse#:

    Fotile is a great company to deal with. The range hood is best in class. Stein in customer service is very knowledgeable and professional! He spend time with me to make sure the fitment of the hood met the requirements of my kitchen. This company is all about integrity. Not only are you getting a quality hood range , the customer service is phenomenal. Thank you Stein!

  • #Lancelot#:

    Having been using this beauty more than 3 weeks now. It really sucks ! It's so powerful sometimes I have problem to notice the food is burned. Me and My wife really prefer this sleek look, It matches my black range cooker so well and very easy to clean with the glass surface. It's pricy but it's a very good bang for the buck for me. The family love it.

  • #Qin#:

    Purchased this Range Hood to replace our old one in September. With my son’s help, installing it was pretty smoothly. My wife loves this product very much. Thanks for FOTILE Amazon team, keep good work people! Wish you guys the best!

  • #Amazon Customer#:

    Brought the unit two weeks ago. Fotile provides installer for phoenix, Arizona area, which is very affordable and professional, compare to other groups who installed range and fridge in my home.

    The unit itself is very good looking. Led lights are more than your expectation, very bright and very slick, they will be the polar stars in your kitchen. The unit has a lot of suction power. Works great, and it takes most of the steam and smoke out. The regular USA “microwave and range hood” one unit product can’t even compare with this. Chinese cooks need professional gas range which burning power at least 20000 BTU, and of course professional range hood which sucks out all the oil and smoke.

    If you plan to cook some Panda Express in your home, you need this one, you need Fotile.

  • #Eric#:

    Bought a month ago, install was pretty easy (new construction), very quiet on setting 1 and 2. 3 is a little louder but it moves a lot of air! Lighting is great LED which is nice. Construction and quality seem really good. Overall very happy with it. Great vent hood! Classic style, well made, and much less expensive than some of the other high end brands I compared it to. Looks fantastic in our new kitchen!

  • #Linda#:

    This is definitely best investment I've made in the kitchen. I really cannot bear my old one in the kitchen as it is quite noisy and powerless. This FOTILE JQG7522 SAVE and CHANGE my life totally.

    It's very powerful! When I need to do some light cooking, I just set it to the lowest level. And when there is a need for heavy cooking, I will turn it up to the highest setting. As long as I turn it on, I barely smell anything even when I just stand in front of the stove. While with my old one... I guess people passing by my home can tell what I'm cooking.

    It is super quiet. When turning it to the lowest or even the medium setting, I even cannot notice it's working in a different room with the door closed. And with my old one, the moment it starts working, it's hard to talk normally with people in a separate room...

    It's also quite easy to book the assembling service with Fotile. Their specialist is pretty professional and get everything done neatly. In addition, the specialist has explained every single details about how to use, how to clean, and how to use the warranty after assembling. Save me a lot of time to learn from the instructions by myself.